Chamfer with nailing flange (solid section)

  • Flexible and bendable.
  • High impact resistant, also at low temperatures.
  • Specially suitable for use with pneumatic nailing gun.
  • Red colour to recognize the material.
  • Chamfers are free of heavy metals and halogens. Can be easily disposed off and develop no noxious substances in thermal recycling. (observe local regulations)
Eckleiste mit Nagelfahne (Vollprofil) - Detail
Eckleiste mit Nagelfahne - Anwendung

article no.designationlength (cm)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)metres / bundlemetres / pallet
17901EL 110-S PE/red25010,014,225,01005.000
17951EL 115-S PE/red25015,021,232,0502.750

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