Poured concrete spacer – round

  • Stable spacer, suitable for architectural concrete.
  • Little contact with the formwork.
  • For horizontal and vertical reinforcement.
  • Double clamp for firm grip, clamp “Badmindton” for flexibility.
  • Clamping range 4-14mm.

article no.designationconcrete coverpcs. / sackpcs. / pallet
double clamp
986868201NGBADK 20/1-S2051220.480
986868251NGBADK 25/1-S2544817.920
986868301NGBADK 30/1-S3032012.800
986868351NGBADK 35/1-S3532012.800
986868401NGBADK 40/1-S4025610.240
clamp “Badmindton”
986869201NGBAFK 20/1-S2051220.480
986869251NGBAFK 25/1-S2544817.920
986869301NGBAFK 30/1-S3032012.800
986869351NGBAFK 35/1-S3532012.800
986869401NGBAFK 40/1-S4025610.240

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