Rod spacer

  • With firmly applied plastic spacers for use in precast industry.
  • Available with 5 mm or 6 mm diameter steel bar.
  • Standard lengths: 2.16 m; 2.36 m; 2.45 m; and 2.96 m.
  • Foot distance: 15 cm or 30 cm.
  • Lengths made to specifications: available upon request, up to 3 m long.
  • Test certificate upon request.
  • Table: XXX = Length in cm

designationsteel Ø (mm)concrete cover (mm)support height (mm)pcs. / bundlepcs. / pallet
foot distance: 15 cm
SAS 15-20/5/XXX/15515205050
SAS 20-25/5/XXX/15520255050
SAS 25-30/5/XXX/15525305050
SAS 30-35/5/XXX/15530355050
SAS 15-21/6/XXX/15615215050
SAS 20-26/6/XXX/15620265050
SAS 25-31/6/XXX/15625315050
SAS 30-36/6/XXX/15630365050
foot distance: 30 cm
SAS 15-20/5/XXX/30515205050
SAS 20-25/5/XXX/30520255050
SAS 25-30/5/XXX/30525305050
SAS 30-35/5/XXX/30530355050
SAS 15-21/6/XXX/30615215050
SAS 20-26/6/XXX/30620265050
SAS 25-31/6/XXX/30625315050
SAS 30-36/6/XXX/30630365050

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