Zig-Zag-spacer – shock-proof

  • Stable spacer for the bottom layer of the reinforcement.
  • Slip-proof and safe against overturning, highly loadable.
  • Extremely impact resistant, also at low temperatures.
  • Optimal concrete flow to support the prevention of voids or linear cracking in the concrete.
  • Best handling for transportation, warehousing or installation through packaging in the EXTE Optipack.
  • Other lengths upon request.
  • The product is available upon request, only.

article no.designationconcrete cover (mm)length (cm)metres / bundlemetres / pallet
1515SZZS 15152001005.000
1520SZZS 20202001005.000
1525SZZS 25252001005.000
1530SZZS 30302001005.000
1535SZZS 3535200803.200
1540SZZS 4040200803.200
1545SZZS 4545200803.200
1550SZZS 5050200803.840
1555SZZS 5555205823.280
1560SZZS 6060205823.280
1565SZZS 6565205823.280

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